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MOBILTECH offers solutions for smart cities and security.
‘Replica City’, the smart city solution includes HD map,
city digital twin, and public facility management data.
‘Flo Vu’ is a security solution using lidar-based 3D CCTV.



Smart City Data

Replica City is a comprehensive spatial information solution that provides various data needed to transform your city into a smart city.
Replica City includes HD map data, digital twin data, and public facility database. With Replica City, you can launch self-driving services in your city, create new urban development plans, and maintain public utilities in its best status.

HD Map

HD map is high definition map for autonomous driving. It works as an infrastructure for delivery robots, autonomous truck to impose at city. MOBILTECH produces HD map precisely and fast using high precision 3D scanner and in-house developed AI algorithms. We also provide localization API with our HD maps.


Digital Twin

Digital twin duplicates real world into digital world. Using digital twin data, you can simulate transportation, daylight analysis to make plan for future city. For example, you can analyze traffic volume in urban areas, estimate road drainage or simulate the cityscape with Replica City.


Public Facilities Management

Off traffic light, dark alley,etc, how do you manage massive public facilities one by one everyday? MOBILTECH concerned to solve this problems. Now you can manage your facilities easily in your office by using Replica city’s public facility DB. MOBILTECH AI SW analyzes hundreds of thousands data collected every day and provides location multiangle images of facilities.


Flo  Vu

3D Security System

How many screens can security guard see at one time? Transform your CCTV service into 3D environment. Flo vu upgrades your 2D CCTV solution into 3D wich is a security solution using LiDAR and AI technologies. You can upgrade your security system with Flo vu which can check whole building view function, alarm setting function, and flow check function.

Flo  Vu

Whole building view function

Security guard can watch whole building effectively when using multiple LiDAR sensor with one monitor. Flow view shows recognized visitor data using multiple LiDAR data and it shows data in 3D space model in real-time. You can experience  intuitive surveillance with one monitor.

Alarm setting function

If you want to check moving population, You can designate and set alarms in specific area. Using this alarm function, Spacious shops can’t loose customers and manage effectively. Moreover alarm setting function shows excellent performance at facility where needs high-level security.

Flow check function

The Flow check function provides information about flow of people based on tracking technology. The user can build effective marketing or security plans with Flo vu because user can get insights to place products where and when.